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Acoustic Studio Pty Ltd is an acoustic consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. It was established in 2003 by Peter Griffiths, an acoustician with over 40 years experience as an acoustic consultant in Australia, the UK and South East Asia. The firm has since grown significantly and serves as the vehicle for the Acoustic Studio team to bring their complementary skills together and to share their passion for acoustics and design with a wide range of government, corporate and private clients. We thrive within a collaborative team approach to foster, lead and respond to innovative design processes.


Our projects cover a wide range of the industry and marketplace, from domestic and residential noise issues through up-market educational and commercial developments to acoustically critical and prestigious venues and facilities for the production and enjoyment of aural experiences.

Our work in rail and construction noise and vibration is driven by a passion to promote environmentally sustainable development in the context of existing urban and suburban environments. As well as technical challenges and supporting environmentally sustainable development, managing the balance between needs and resources is an emotional imperative for the firm.

We believe in responsive design and minimising risks for our clients. We achieve this through clearly identifying and communicating key issues, then developing cost effective and technically robust solutions.

These principles are central to the Acoustic Studio ethos.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Acoustic Studio staff are recognised experts in the field of rail noise and vibration. Rail noise and vibration can impact on both travelling staff and customers plus sensitive receivers located near railway or busy roads. Acoustic Studio is passionate about adopting a systems-engineering approach for effective and streamlined acoustic design.


It is essential to assess environmental noise and vibration impacts at sensitive receivers, and important to implement practical mitigation and management. Acoustic Studio has extensive experience in the development of environmental guidelines and policies, and has both reviewed and undertaken environmental noise and vibration assessments for many projects.

Commercial and Public

Commercial buildings need to meet Australian Standards and are increasingly required to meet Greenstar or other environmentally sustainable design standards for acoustic conditions relating to the indoor environment quality. Public buildings need to not only ensure that the minimum functional standards are achieved, but also to create environments which attract and stimulate.

Arts and Entertainment

Performance spaces are acoustically critical and sensitive. The performance of both drama and music have their own particular acoustic requirements, and getting the acoustics right is a critical success factor in the design and construction of performance facilities. Outdoor venues have their own unique acoustic requirements, needing to balance acoustics for performers and audience against environmental noise to the neighbourhood.

Health, Education & Research

Educational institutions and buildings that house technical facilities or sensitive equipment require acoustic design solutions which respond to the technical needs of the spaces, the particular sensitivities of occupants, and considers the emerging technologies and working or learning approaches. Acoustic Studio has authored acoustic guidelines for health and educational developments and has carried out the acoustic design for many high profile research, health and educational facilities.


Our cities are constantly evolving with new major infrastructure projects and developments. We provide high level, strategic construction management advice for major new infrastructure and building projects, as well as reviewing and undertaking construction noise and vibration assessments. We are Acoustic Advisors on several key infrastructure projects. Our assessments consider impacts on human comfort, protection of vibration-sensitive equipment plus protection of vibration-sensitive assets.

Recording Studios

Spaces built for recording, control and editing of music, television, radio and drama have exacting acoustic requirements. The requirements for high levels of sound insulation and sound isolation combined with the need for specific room acoustic control often lead to complex design and construction requirements. Acoustic design input from the planning stages ensures that optimum performance outcomes are achieved with maximum efficiency.

Residential & Hotels

Residential developments include private homes, hotels and aged care facilities. While the National Construction Code and Australian Standards provide minimum acoustic requirements for these developments, the project-specific acoustic criteria are often driven by the clients needs and wants. We work closely with the client and design team to set suitable acoustic criteria for each project, reflecting its long-term marketability, and to ensure that these criteria are met.

Policies and Guidelines

Acoustic Studio has developed standards, policies and guidelines for both public and private sector clients. These documents inform industry practice for residential, health, police and education buildings, plus rail infrastructure management - covering noise and vibration control, asset management, design standards and engineering guidelines. Clients include NSW Health, NSW Transport, NSW Education, RISSB, NSW Police and AFP.




Peter Griffiths

Acoustic Specialist, Founder

BSc (Architectural Science), MSc (Acoustics)
Member of the Australian Acoustical Society, Acoustical Society of America, Audio Engineering Society

Jason Cameron

Acoustic Engineer, Director

BEng (Hons 1) Building Services Engineering
Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) UK

Dave Anderson

Acoustic Engineer, Director

Master of Engineering (MEng) in Acoustics and Vibration
Member of the Australian Acoustical Society, the Institute of Acoustics (UK), international committee for the International Workshop on Railway Noise, Chartered Engineer (UK)

Isaac Bradbury

Graduate Acoustic Consultant

Bachelor of Creative Technology (BCT) Audio Engineering and Sound Production
Diploma in Acoustics (In progress)

Dave Hanson

Acoustic Engineer, Director

BEng (Hons 1) in Mechanical Engineering
PhD (UNSW) in Mechanical Signal Processing
CPEng, Member of the Australian Acoustical Society, the Railway Technical Society of Australasia

Sav Shimada

Acoustic Engineer, Director

BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering
BA (Hons) in Japanese and German
Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

Anthony Cano

Acoustic Engineer

BEng in Mechanical Engineering

Larry Clark

Acoustic Consultant

Bachelor of Natural Resource Management
Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

Briony Croft

Acoustic Engineer, Director

PhD – Railway acoustics and contact mechanics - ISVR University of Southampton
BEng Mechanical (Hons 1) UNSW, MIEAust CPEng, Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

Andre Almeida

Acoustic Consultant

Masters in Engineering
PhD in Acoustics

Penny Sergi

Finance Manager


Laura Lapena

Senior Acoustic Engineer

BEng Telecom (Acoustics and Audiovisual Systems)
MAAS Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

Aaron Miller

Senior Acoustic Engineer

BEng Aerospace (Hons)
BMaCompSc (Applied Mathematics) CPeng, Member of the Australian Acoustical Society

Lana Evans

Undergraduate Acoustic Consultant

Bachelor of Architectural Studies
Masters of Architectural Science in Audio and Acoustics (In Progress)

Vyshakh Menon

Undergraduate Acoustic Consultant

BTech in Mechanical Engineering
MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Aeroacoustics (In Progress)


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